Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lok Satta Party backs Baba Ramdev

The Lok Satta Party today extended its in-principle support to Baba Ramdev’s fast against corruption in New Delhi from June 4, 2011.

In a media statement, Lok Satta Party Working President D. V. V. S. Varma recalled that the Lok Satta, which has been waging a relentless and multi-pronged war against corruption, backs all agitations against corruption.

Baba Ramdev, however, should have attempted to accomplish his objective by entering into talks with the Government, which has come forward to constitute a Lok Pal to combat corruption. Since both ruling and opposition parties are committed to creating an independent and powerful Lok Pal, differences, if any, should be resolved through dialogue, Mr. Varma added.

Issues like bringing the Prime Minister and the higher judiciary under the Lok Pal purview and recovering the black money stashed abroad should be sorted out through discussions, Mr. Varma added.

The Lok Satta Working President underlined the need for constitution of a strong and independent Ombudsman at the State level too as part of Central legislation on the lines of the Right to Information Act.

Mr. Varma said that corruption elimination called for electoral reforms and decentralization of administration to empower people.

The Assembly session, being convened to elect the Speaker, should be extended to discuss the crisis in the agriculture sector, demanded Mr. Varma.

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