Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dr. JP calls halt to politics of hatred

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today appealed to all political parties and leaders to refrain from indulging in senseless, reckless, and incendiary rhetoric on the demand for and against formation of a separate Telangana State.

Talking in terms of taking to the gun and forming suicide squads is simply unacceptable in a democratic polity which ensures space for all by guaranteeing liberty and universal adult franchise, said Dr. JP in a media statement.

Dr. JP recalled that “we are all brothers speaking the same language, sharing common history, culture and civilization for the last 5000 years. We have had the distinction of building a glorious republic unmatched in history. In a vast country with mind-boggling diversity, differences among people are but natural. People should strive to resolve such differences within the bounds of the Constitution, decency and respect for human liberty and dignity.

“By indulging in anti-national rhetoric, some of the chief players in Andhra Pradesh politics are harming the collective interests of all Telugu-speaking people. Resort to the language of extremism, militancy and terrorism is unbecoming of political parties.

‘You cannot threaten people residing in any part of India on grounds of origin, caste, religion or language.

“Self-styled leaders should acknowledge their folly and restrain themselves from vitiating the situation. If they don’t mend their behavior, their party leaders should reprimand and rein them in. If they too fail in their job, the Government should prosecute peddlers of violence, hatred and prejudice.”

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