Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dr.JP's Activities in Kukatpally - 2011 (Telugu)

The report on Dr.JP's activities in Kukatpally can be downloaded from the following link


  1. sir,
    very happy to see so many useful development activities being done in our neighborhood.

    We all spend 1-2hrs daily on roads in traffic.
    please do something to ease the traffic in JNTU-Kukatpally stretch.

    It is taking hours to pass this stretch.

    Private buses are occupying lot of space and there is no dedicated stops for private buses , autos.

    The road @ushamullapudi junction was spoiled in recent rains causing traffic jams, please try to fix this.

    We dont know how many more years we have to wait to see the flyover @hitec city MMTS operational.
    Though you say funds have been released, i dont see any work happening at the site.


  2. except the green park in 6th phase, i dont see any other park operational in this huge residential colony with lakhs of people.

  3. Dear Sravan,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    Am one of the volunteers in Sambi's team and trust me, it is as frustrating for us as for any resident looking at the traffic issues for two reasons.
    1. Suffering and inconvenience to the residents
    2. Since road conditions are the most visible things, it is negating 90% of works we are doing and is giving an impression that not much in happening in Kukatpally.

    We are trying our level best almost on a weekly basis with meetings etc. to do something about the hitec city flyover. But because of things beyond our reach (funds allocation - on this, Dr. JP used his personal influence many times) and local issues like strikes. We will keep trying without giving up.

    To address some of the things you raised, please call Sambi on 9441051844 and inform him (you can pass this information to any of your friends who are having issues in Kukatpally). At the very least, you will get an update on things.

  4. Agree, i have highest regard for JP sir and i know he must be doing something.

    But , what people see is action. I am just trying to echo the feelings of my neighbors and friends in kukatpally.
    At the end of 5yrs if we see what has improved over the 5yrs , i am afraid i may not find even few points.

    couple of days ago there was rain for short time and the condition at JNTU-ushamullapudy is horrible, it took 30min to cross. Just after ushamullapudy junction it was all free.

    I dont understand the need for foot over bridge after malysian township , had it been @PHASE IV junction or at malysian township it would have been more useful.