Saturday, November 19, 2011

TN Lok Satta confident of Transforming politics

Tamil Nadu Lok Satta Party leaders today oozed confidence of bringing about a metamorphosis in Tamil Nadu politics in the next few years as the people are thirsting for a change in the dynastic and corrupt regimes in the State.

They were addressing media at the Lok Satta Party headquarters here. Lok Satta Party State Working President D. V. V. S. Varma and General Secretary Katari Srinivasa Rao took part in the media conference.

The leaders, who are in Hyderabad on a three-day study visit to the party headquarters, recalled that most of the party activists in Tamil Nadu are aged below 35 years and hailed from the middle class with no political pedigree. The party which contested the Tamil Nadu Assembly and local body elections found that people were looking forward to an alternative to the deeply entrenched DMK and the AIAMK parties.

The Lok Satta with its slogan of new politics for a new generation is hopeful of providing the alternative in the next few years. All those who contested the elections have made it a point to work as people's ambassadors by identifying their pressing problems and addressing them. They said their interaction with Lok Satta Party leaders in Andhra Pradesh would help them build a strong organization in Tamil Nadu.

The Tamil Nadu leaders underlined that although no new elections are round the corner in their State they are determined to build up the party and emerge as an alternative to traditional parties in the next few years. They said their in-depth study of the working of the Lok Satta in Andhra Pradesh is highly beneficial.

Among those who addressed the media were Ashok Kumar, Jagadeesh, Ravi Chandran, Senthil Arumugam and Vijay Anand.

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