Wednesday, January 11, 2012

లోక్ పాల్ - తర్వాత ఏమిటి?

Courtesy: Andhra Jyothy

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  1. Despite being a staunch supporter or Loksatta, I'm thoroughly disappointed by Dr JP's views on the Lokpal bill introduced by the government. Calling it a strong bill (with some weaknesses) is contrary to facts. To be effective, Lokpal needs 3 ingredients -- 1) independence, 2) jurisdiction and 3) infrastructure. It's patently obvious that the political class wants to hold back enough to make Lokpal ineffective. Earlier bill kept PM out of it (i.e. weak jurisdiction) but promised own infrastructure. In the new version, they gave jurisdiction over the PM but took away the infrastructure. And, of course, the independence aspect has always been a mirage. I'm stunned to see that Dr JP thinks two out of 3 selectors being politicians doesn't corrupt Lokpal's independence. (One only needs to think of how CBI was misused under both congress and BJP.) And, stating that the independence of Lokpal to be superior to that of CVC etc institutions is laughable given their state. And, supervision over CBI on cases referred by it is meaningless given the vast array of tactics CBI has developed (under its political masters) to water-down investigations. We see that everyday even with the supreme court looking over CBI's shoulder.

    Finally, it's probably an open secret that Dr. JP has contributed to the government's version of the bill. So, his opinion on this bill cannot be considered unbiased.

    Finally, there is huge overlap in the constituencies of Loksatta and Team Anna/India Against Corruption. It's utterly thoughtless of Loksatta to make disparaging comments on IAC and Anna (e.g. calling him naive in an interview to Andhrajyothy) instead of joining hands with them.