Saturday, October 6, 2012

రచ్చ తప్ప అవినీతి అంతానికి చర్యలపై చర్చ ఏదీ?: జేపీ


  1. దయచేసి ఈ బ్లాగులో యూనికోడ్ లో మాత్రమే పోస్టులు రాయండి.

  2. It takes lot of effort to retype everything in unicode, and we don't have enough bandwidth to do it.

    The main difficult thing is, we need to have bandwidth to write it in unicode immediately after the press release.

  3. Tamilnadu governor K. Rosaiah recently on the occasion of legendary writer Gurajada’s 150th birth anniversary commented that, if Gurajada had not been a Telugu person he would have won international recognition. Those words instantly came to my mind When I read the question raised by some reporter “if Lok Satta JP had not been a South Indian, he would have achieved more media attention and every sort of recognition than Anna Hazare, Aravind Kejriwal etc.”

    Ofcourse, Dr. JP, who has roots in Maharashtra also, declined that question unequivocally and said, Lok Satta’s goal is power to people and with such decentralization, a real issue in a remote village will get as much importance as it gets in capital cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad. For Lok Satta, India is above the individual and Party, reiterated JP.

    I agree with Lok Satta’s idea of One India, One Nation, One Constitution. Undoubtedly there are countless people across the country who stand by this idea whole heartedly. But we should also realize that there is some meaning and pain in the reporter’s above query.

    Lok Satta JP has been doing the tallest work for building India for a long time. His clarity of ideology, policies and his passion, dedication for to empower even the last citizen of this country are unparalleled. What sort of recognition the National/Telugu media, think tank have been giving to his Herculean task at least in public interest?

    We are still gauging people on the basis of primordial loyalties like caste, creed, religion, place of birth and not on the merit of what they are saying & practicing. South/ North East India are still getting little attention at the national level and at the same time they are locally caught in the quagmire of local narrow political interests.

    Let us end our discrimination at all levels, raise above petty differences and focus our energies together for building a better India.