Friday, November 7, 2008

Yuva Garjana: Lok Satta criticises TDP - The Hindu - 7th Nov 2008

HYDERABAD: Lok Satta Party (LSP) spokesman Srinivas Rao said on Thursday that the Telugu Desam Party’s ‘Yuva Garjana’ at Guntur was a mere manifestation of money power in politics and meant to hoodwink the people.

Actor Balakrishna who made his political debut betrayed his ‘colossal political ignorance by claiming to decimate corruption with his laser eyes’.

A party which claimed to root out corruption should be transparent in its organisation, programmes, collection of funds, expenditure and selection of candidates, he said.

Those who spent crores on conducting the meeting did so to earn many times their investment once they assumed power, he remarked.

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