Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dr.JP's activities in Kukatpally

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan has been elected as the Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Kukatpally Assembly Constituency in 2009 Assembly Elections. On 01-06-2009 he took charge as MLA for Kukatpally. From that day till date he has taken up several works for the development of Kukatpally .

The works are divided into 3 categories for convenience. They are,

1. Solved Problems
2. Development works in progress
3. Proposed to govt. for sanction

Solved Problems

1. Kukatpally has around 10% of water connections in Hyderabad; however we have only 5% of the total drinking water supply. The drinking water supply in constituency is increased from 8 MGD (Million Gallons per Day) to 12 MGD which will shortly be increased to 16 MGD.

2. Laid 300 mm and 400 mm pipe lines for Manjeera water supply for the overhead tank in Moosapet Division (This was pending for last 5 years). This overhead tank supplies water to 1.5 lakh people.

3. Samples of drinking water at 98 different places in constituency were tested for the levels of chlorine and bacteria. Chlorine was not present as per the norms at all the places and bacteria are present in 48 samples. The concerned authorities are ordered to take necessary steps to improve the above standards of drinking water.

4. Booster Pumps to increase the pressure of water supply are installed in Satyanarayana Swamy Colony (KPHB Division), Parvath Nagar (Motinagar) and Old Bowenpally (Total worth of 24 Lakhs).

5. Arranged 20 Bore wells (Power Bores & Hand Pump Bores) in different areas of Kukatpally Assembly Constituency.

6. To overcome the water shortage, approximately 35 new bores are sanctioned in the constituency… will start shortly.

7. The long pending issue of Under Ground Drainage system which affects 2 lakh people across 11 colonies/slums is laid in the constituency.

8. Rain Water drainage pipe line from Vasanthnagar to Bagath Singh Nagar is completed in KPHB Division (Worth 50 Lakhs).

9. 6 STP’s (Sewerage Treatment Plant) are proposed to be arranged in Kukatpally Constituency 1 STP is completed, 1 STP is on the verge of completion, 2STP’s are sanctioned and the work will be started soon & 2 others are yet to be sanctioned

10. All the 14 lakes present in Kukatpally are surveyed and FTL (Full Tank Level) stones are laid for 3 lakes. To avoid encroachments, efforts are in progress with different government departments to make sure that the registrations of the lands with in the boundaries of these 14 lakes are not being done.

11. Free Eye, Thyroid & other Health checkup camps are conducted several times in the constituency.

12. A free health checkup center is set up in Balanagar area; everyday a doctor voluntarily checks up the patients and occasionally provides medicines for free.

Venue: Abhishek Towers, Opp. HAL Gate near Vimal Theatre, Balanagar.
Contact: Sudhakar (Org.) – 9246336765

13. Only under Municipal Department, 69.69 crores worth of works were sanctioned & 24.24 crores worth of works were already completed, which is very high by any standards.

14. After Dr. JP took charge, works on 37 BT roads & 66 CC roads were completed in the whole constituency and works on 8 BT roads & 25 CC roads are in progress. Apart from these there are several other roads that are in the pipeline.

15. Street lights are arranged throughout Vasanthnagar, Dilkushnagar colony & Satyanarayana Swamy Colony (Total worth of 14 lakhs).

16. An underground railway bridge is constructed at Safdhar Nagar (Mothinagar Division).

17. Guidelines to maintain community halls in the constituency are drafted and are ready to be issued.

18. Dr JP has been meeting the concerned officials of GHMC, HMDA, HMWS &SB, and Revenue and is monitoring the progress of works in Kukatpally on a regular basis.

Development works in progress

1. To ease traffic in JNTU junction, two alternate roads to Hi-Tech city were sanctioned. First one through IDL factory and the second one through Moosapet.

2. Sufficient land is allotted for a newly sanctioned 220/132/33 KVA power substation (50 crores worth project apart from land cost) at Kaithallapur for providing quality power supply to the residents of Kukatpally, which is ready for construction.

3 more small 33/11 KVA substations are in the pipeline. 3. New water pipe lines in Old Bowenpally are sanctioned and called for Tenders.

4. Proposal for a water tank in Swarnadhama Nagar is sanctioned and called for Tenders.

5. A Bridge on open nala is sanctioned, on the way from Prasanth Nagar to Rajiv Gandhi Nagar (estimation cost is 49 Lakhs,) a foundation stone is laid by Dr. JP.

6. KPHB Division 6th Phase Swimming Pool & Indoor Stadium construction work is in progress.

Proposed to govt. for sanction

1. Road from Moosapet ‘Y’ Junction to Miyapur on NH-9 is proposed for widening and providing the service roads from both left & right sides to control heavy traffic on this route.

2. 5 foot over bridges on proposal are sanctioned to be set up at 5 different locations in Kukatpally Assembly Constituency. They are JNTU Junction, Kukatpally Bus Stop, Moosapet Junction, Balanagar area, & Begumpet.

3. Proposed 2 Acres of land for construction of Govt. Degree College, in Kukatpally which is presently running in shifts, in the premises of Govt. Jr. College, Kukatpally.

4. A proposal is sent to the govt. for shifting the Kukatpally Truck Parking area and to develop the same place for community use, construction of an auditorium and a shopping complex.

5. Construction of 3 SULABH Complexes at busy public places is proposed.


  1. One of my friends questioned me about the usage of the funds allotted to Kukatpally constituency after LSP winning that seat. I was waiting for the right answer and here we have it.

    Good job LSP. My supprt with you always, if you continue flourishing like this.

  2. Last year, Government did not allot any funds to MLAs. Only this year, they allotted funds.

  3. I was the one who asked vishnu abt it. Even though i have been following JP since election campaigns and being a supporter of JP, I lost track of him as to what he did for the constituency so that people will re-elect him and be a role model for other politicians. Well am really happy after seeing this and a little disappointed as well considering the fact that common man should know abt these accomplishments he achieved... it should reach the ppl, then only we have a chance to make a mark in next elections :) Thanks guys for sharing this and I will do my part of sharing it with my friends :)

  4. Please share this info with all the voters of kukutpally, who supported Mr.JP in the elections.

    Change is within ur reach, u just need to Vote a correct person with ideals, principles and passion to develop the country. Please encourage all sane thinking people in ur constituencies to compete in the elections to make India a better place

  5. Ever since JP is elected, Loksatta Team is doing lot of activities in Kukatpally. Unfortunately due to less media support these activities don't get the popularity required. On the other hand people who spend lakhs and crores to put their party flags and fancy banners all over, get lot of attention.

    We concerned people should spread the good news either in person or using internet. We should do at least this, lest we loose the chance to transform our country.

  6. why dont you get it posted it in some leading newspaper..

  7. ^above, why spending on those party centric, selfish media. Papers and channels are too busy in politics, cricket and cinema. People should themselves judge who is best for them. If they can't see the development, then there is no meaning of democracy

  8. Request JP Sir to look into delay in construction of Overbridge Hitec city MMTS station. Thanks.

  9. please meet to people and solve problems.

  10. Dear All,

    We are currently building a very good website only for kukatpally constituency.It will help people to solve problems on their own without much help from outside.

    The problems which needs JP's attention will be handled by him.

    The FAQ's in each section will talk about how as an individual we can get the work done from Govt.

    We are providing all information along with the phone numbers of the people concerned for following depts.

    2.Health Care
    3.Ration Shops
    7.Traffic & Transport
    8.Parks & Community Halls
    etc etc..

    1.How to get ration card.
    2.Whom to call if the street light is not working
    3.How to get VoterId Card.
    4.How to apply for water connection.
    5.How to get Pension.


    We will be launching this soon.
    Need your help/feedback in enhancing this further.


  11. All this id definitely good for the constituency. No doubt about it. But his well wishers can put up this most important point to him. The approach road from Cyber Towers to JNTU becomes a pain during peak hours, especially near the MMTS underground bridge which falls under Kukatpally zone if i'm not wrong. 4-wheelers got to use an alternate route to cross this underground bridge near Hitech MMTS and he doesn't know the condition of this road unless he uses it once. It is pathetic and so much of pollution, petrol wasted, time wasted by the time we cross this stretch. We are ready to take that extra mile but it would be good if a road is put up there. THERE IS NO ROAD and its sick to cross this stretch.

    PLEASE Mr. MLA JP, can you do this for ur constituency.

  12. Hi LSP,

    You have been doing a very good job. Thanks much, feel good to have elected you.

    But could you also please look into this :

    "4-wheelers got to use an alternate route to cross this underground bridge near Hitech MMTS and he doesn't know the condition of this road unless he uses it once. It is pathetic and so much of pollution, petrol wasted, time wasted by the time we cross this stretch. We are ready to take that extra mile but it would be good if a road is put up there. THERE IS NO ROAD and its sick to cross this stretch."

    The route is horrible and has been so for a VERY VERY long time time.Please help fix this as this will save a lot of money on car repairs and there are pregnant women who take this route and the drive is very scary for them.

    Please help.


  13. I am worried a lot about the way RTO officials are working in K.P.H.B.

    No one can apply for a vehicle license,RC with out giving a bribe.

    Government officials are harassing even the senior citizens.I can see a number of brokers running in and out of RTO office.

    If J.P sir can stop visiting the foreign countries and attending the public meetings in which who give lectures to do that and this. He should put his words in to actions.

    He should plan certain teams who can have surprise visit to government offices and daunt them to work sincerely.

    Hope any of the L.P activist sees this should take this to our renowned M.L.A

  14. Good to know JP's achievements in 2yrs. But as a resident of Kukatpally, lot more is expected from him.

    Esp, his presence in campaigns, meetings with various groups of people on regular basis and most importantly be available when required.

    Unlike others, he is always a distant person and never even appear in Media or in Public. Hence, a common person assumption is, he is no different from the other Politicians.

    I being aware of some of the Govt administration and Funds allocation process, most of the Solved problems mentioned here are part of the regular activities and funding allocated to every constituency. Of course, he must have closely monitored that, the funds were not misused.

    But, there is lot more expected from him besides the water, sewage and roads dev. Things like traffic controlling measures, road encroachments,not permitting malls and shops on busy roads, crating awareness programs for healthy living etc.

    Most importantly, he should use the technology and other communication methods to reach people regularly. And do things in a most acceptable and intellectual manner to prove that he is different and elected to bring change.

  15. I leave near by kukatpally. I do not see any difference in the rate of development when compared with other areas in Hyderabad. The kind of works specified are carried out in most of villages and towns from many years. He is looking to be just another MLA.

  16. Hi JP Sir, Leaders like you should be there for our country. Today politicians especially in this cong. govt eating our people's money like anything. One Request from your constitency voter, Most of the people in KPHB working in IT sector and are using JNTU-Hitec road, but facing hell-like in rain season because of that road. Everyone looking forward to completion of the flyover at Hitec MMTS station. I dont why this is being late to finist, even almost its been completed.

  17. Hi,
    I am residing in Bhagyanagar Colony, KPHB. Can you please tell me how to apply for the Ration Card And the documents that I need to produce for that? I need the complete procees regarding how to apply for the Ration Card. Can anyone please tell me the procedure.

    Thanks in Advance.