Monday, May 31, 2010

Update on Fly Over Near Hitec MMTS

  • The fly over is on a rail way track, so the HMDA(Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority) had to take the permission from the railway department to go ahead with the construction of the flyover.
  • The railway department changed the design four times which literally dragged the issue very long.
  • Apart from this due to crunch in the funds the work was stopped for 6 months
  • After Dr. JP took charge in Kukatpally he spoke to these 2 departments to expedite the process.
  • Now the work is going on in full swing (day & night).
  • The part of the fly over apart from the stretch on railway track will be complete in next 3-4 months.
  • The part of the fly over on railway track will be complete in 3 months from then.

Dr. JP spoke to the HMDA commissioner regarding the flyover at Cyber Towers, though it does not come under Kukatpally, and requested them to complete that one also as soon as possible. They promised that the fly over will be done in 3 months.


  1. All hyderabadis try to take a suggestion of constructing more bridges like these on musi river alongside of old city and nagole area so that we can reduce traffic conjestion near malakpet area. Its stopping the traffic almost for 20-30 minutes near malakpet with incoming and outgoing traffic into city.

  2. You posted this 1 year back and HMDA informed it will complete in 3 months, but its been a year still work is going on, dont know when the part of fly over on railway track will get started and complete. It is taking ages to complete this small flyover

  3. I donno what JP is doing all these days.
    Not even single issue he has railsed for kukatpally
    He never raised this issue in assembly,instead he will give unnecessary lectures....
    If MMTS didnt get constructed in next 3 months...sure SWE will defeat him.

    Daily in jam near MMTS lots of people are scolding JP ...atleast he should give a public statement on MMTS Fly over ...what the hell he is doing ...He cant change KPHP ..what can he do for AP

  4. JP Garu - It is Sep-2011 and still not signs of the flyover work being completed. As a elected representative you need to post regular updates. And you need to showcase what has Loksatta done for Kukatpally all these years. People had high expectations with Loksatta. They thought you would set examples on how to serve the people. Unfortunately Loksatta seems to have fallen flat.

    I am a well wisher of you and your party. But I don't think I will support your party next time. Please convince me to vote for you through concrete actions.

  5. It is october now and what is the news on this please

  6. well politics is not so simple. I won't blame JP so easily. The ruling party can intentionally delay development work when they see that it will not benefit them in the elections. Don't you see the central govt using CBI to bully people not towing their line. But on the other hand, these kind of complex government projects always take lot of time, even if there is no politics being played

  7. People who just asking and raising question,remember one thing since you have opp you are asking,what the Hell u guys sleeping when previous Govt even didn't even bother about such things..he concentrated mainly on drainage and water capacity.. sewerage..Wake up and see were they are..simply going on road and questioning him is waste of time..Do u think if only roads were built you will vote him.what about Infrastructure.

  8. Guys, see this. This will give a true picture. JP is doing his best to get this project completed. Sometimes, its not all in the hands of MLA -

  9. When it may completed....

  10. Finally Its Complete and starting to function from tomorrow it seems. I'm excited.