Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shed extreme positions, Dr. JP tells NRIs

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan has told non-resident Indians that they are recognized and respected the world over as Indians, and not as southerners or northerners, Telugus or Kannadigas, Hindus or Muslims, or Reddys and Kammas. “For heaven’s sake don’t forget this fact,” said Dr. JP at a meeting in Seattle, Washington State, as part of his ‘Rejuvenate India’ campaign in the U. S. organized by People for Lok Satta, Seattle Chapter. He took part in a meeting organized in Mountain view, California, also.

About 300 NRIs from Greater Seattle area and nearby Portland took part in the event.

Dr. JP that one complaint against some NRIs was that they become irresponsible and take extreme positions on matters concerning caste and religion, region and language. “Civilization and democracy demand that we settle our differences amicably.”

Dr. JP appealed to Indians not to lose heart as the transformation they wish in India is time consuming. “Since we have the technology and resources, we can transform India in 10 years and not 100 years.” He requested them to spare a part of their time, resources, technological and organizational skills and their passion and love for India to transform it 10 years. Technology could be transplanted but not institutional reforms, he told the NRIs and added that political reforms were the hardest to accomplish and needed infinite patience.

Dr. JP added, “If anybody has any doubt, whether India will be transformed in the next few years or not, they have to see the young people of Indian origin in the United States.”

He recalled that a politician who contested elections to the Andhra Pradesh Assembly in 2009 told him he had spent Rs.25 crore and yet lost. In the recent U. K. elections, Dr. JP said that candidates belonging to all parties together had spent 50 million pound sterling equivalent to some Rs.360 crore, whereas each of the major political parties in the State spent three to four times more than that. Terming it as utterly insane, Dr. JP said that nowhere in the world politicians spent so much money to get elected to the legislature. A person who spends Rs.25 crore of illegitimate money in an election will hit the jackpot of earning Rs.500 crore if he gets elected.

“Every one from the Prime Minister downwards is aware of the problems India faces but none says we can resolve them here and now. We have to break the status quo shackles and initiate change since we can do.”

Dr. JP said the Lok Satta is fighting for the future of India. It wants empowerment of local governments, quality education and healthcare to all, police, judicial and electoral reforms and elimination of corruption.

Asked how he would change the current politics if he had Rs.2000 crore with him, Dr. JP replied that he needed about 10000 determined and willing people with excellent leadership skills who can take the movement forward and not Rs.2000 crore.

Earlier, Mr. Viay Anand appreciated the efforts of People for Lok Satta in organizing the ‘Rejuvenate India’ campaign.

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