Friday, July 2, 2010

Lok Satta only ray of hope in dismal AP political scene: Dr. JP

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today called upon all the educated and the youth to seize the golden opportunity to transform politics in Andhra Pradesh and open a new chapter in people’s lives.

“The Congress Party in the State is steeped in a deep leadership crisis even as the Telugu Desam Party has lost all credibility. Successive traditional party Governments have abdicated their basic responsibilities of ensuring quality education, healthcare, employment and livelihood opportunities through skills enhancement, optimum utilization of natural resources and rule of law. Traditional party politicians have turned politics into a means for personal aggrandizement at the cost of the people who elect them. Against such a dismal backdrop, the Lok Satta with a credible, specific and practical agenda and committed and dedicated leadership comes as a fresh breath of air.”

Addressing the media on the two-day deliberations of the State Working Committee, Dr. JP said the Lok Satta had realized that pursuing a transformational political agenda was an uphill task. Traditional parties over the years had kept people in a state of stupor and managed to win in election after election by buying their votes with money or liquor or raining short-term sops.

Dr. JP said that it is never too late to transform the political scene since there are legions of honest people in society who are thirsting for change. As of now they feel they are helpless.

The Lok Satta has therefore decided to launch a phase-wise, intense campaign in 39 chosen municipalities and 20 rural Assembly constituencies to educate the public on what can and should be done to better their lives. It will pick up competent youth with leadership qualities, train and field them in municipal elections.

Elections should not be viewed as a means to come to power and make personal money but as an opportunity to improve people’s lives. Committed and dedicated youth have developed Alandur in Tamil Nadu as a model municipality and attempts are under way to replicate the experiment in 54 more towns.

Dr. JP said that traditional parties lacked sincerity and seriousness in addressing people’s basic issues and instanced how a couple of hours of rain in Hyderabad city the other day resulted in power cuts, and unending traffic jams.

Dr. JP said he had appointed Mr. D. V. V. S. Varma party’s Working President so that he could focus on national issues like empowerment of local bodies and plugging loopholes in anti corruption laws, and undertake an extensive tour of the State to promote awareness among the public on their rights and responsibilities.

Mr. Varma demanded that the Government hold elections to municipalities as scheduled without looking for excuses for postponing them. He hoped that the Government would not violate the Constitutional mandate of holding elections on time.

Mr. Katari Srinivasa Rao, General Secretary, said the party had adopted a resolution demanding that the Government review its policy of promoting liquor consumption which has ruined the lives of lakhs of families in the State. He pointed out that traditional parties are shedding crocodile tears over liquor addicts’ plight after having allowed their workers to corner liquor licenses. The resolution demanded immediate closure of belt shops and sitting rooms attached to liquor outlets and suggested that village panchayats be empowered to reject location of wine shops. The party expressed its readiness to work with all parties and NGOs committed to restricting liquor consumption.

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  1. It is my sincere opinion that Lok Satta JP, who shaped himself by the crisis of Emergency in 1975 is someone a country gets once in 1000yrs.Dr.JP successfully turned Thoery of Nature into Political Ideology. Lok Satta is the beginning and Ultimate of True Politics. After Lok Satta there is no need of any Political Ideology or Party. No need to get depressed. Slowly and Steadily Lok Satta wins the race. Time will prove it.