Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ascertain public opinion on Mining Bill, Lok Satta demands (Telugu)


  1. How come the govt gives authority on 1 and half lakh acres of land lease to a company, are the people sleeping in the country. It is against the land acquisition act, people back then in 50's 60's donated their land to peasants in boodan udayamam led by vinoba bave. Are we encourging to build of colonies like the previous rulers did. It is becoming hard for common people to earn atleast 50 -60 yards of place to build a house, its a great surprise to listen that govt. gave 1 and half lakh acres to a company. People should start agitation to get back that land from the company first, then only there should be laws and thinking.

  2. Present govt sold all the public land in these 6 years and now it is attacking the small peasants who earn their living on that piece of land. These peasants are becoming coolies after selling their land, because only thing they know for their living is farming and they can't do any other work than that and they are burying their heads in shame and accepting the coolie jobs. IS THIS TYPE OF GOVT. WE NEED THAT LEADS TO MAKING OF HANDFUL OF PEOPLE BILLIONIARES AND THE REST OF 98% PAYING HIGH TAXES AND SUFFERING FOR COMMON AMENITIES, TRAFFIC JAMS IN CITIES, ACCIDENTS ON HIGHWAYS, UNEMPLOYMENT, GRADUATES WORKING FOR LESS THAN A DAILY LABOURER EARNS.