Thursday, August 26, 2010

Launch of Tamil Nadu Lok Satta Party - 28th Aug 2010

Dear Friends,

Tamil Nadu unit of Lok Satta Party has been formed in the name of Makkal Sakthi Katchi and has been functional since last 1 year. The State steering committee of Lok Satta Tamil Nadu, which is a collective body of leaders governing the Tamil Nadu unit comprises of young professionals, entrepreneurs, students and experienced former bureaucrats.

After 1 year of laying the foundation, the TN Lok Satta team ( Makkal Sakthi Katchi) is all geared up, to publicly launch the party on the coming Saturday, 28th August 2010 at:

Venue : Anita Matriculation Higher Secondary School
5/6, Ritherdon Road,
Vepery(Behind YWCA on Poonamallee High Rd),
Chennai – 600007
Date : Saturday, 28.08.2010
Time : 4 - 8 PM

I along with the executive committee of Lok Satta and my colleagues in the state units of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh take this opportunity to call upon you to attend, participate and strengthen the hands of the Lok Satta Tamil Nadu team. Being young at heart and fired up by passion, the TN Lok Satta team has demonstrated commitment towards strengthening the democratic process, empowering fellow citizens in obtaining their fundamental rights and rallying for public interest issues to restore people's faith in the democratic process in Tamil Nadu. With all of your participation and support, we are confident that the young, dynamic and vibrant TN Lok Satta team will advance in the TN political arena and create a clean, refreshing and promising political environment in Tamil Nadu.

I once again urge you all to participate, support and donate generously to encourage the young band of leaders, some of whom have given up an otherwise lucrative job for carrying forward the mission of Lok Satta's, “New Politics for a New Generation” in Tamil Nadu.

Please visit Tamil Nadu Lok Satta's website (Tamil Version :

The leaders of the State steering committee of TN Lok Satta are counting on your support and they can be reached at 09840618948 and 09150040092.

With warm regards,

Jayaprakash Narayan

Founder & National President - Lok Satta Party

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  1. We whole heartedly welcome you and the Party Dear Dr JP. We consider Medicine as the noblest profession next Teaching Profession .We the Indians looking for New generation to take the lead and bring in a new era of political activities for the welfare of people .Please send us your email address .We shall all support your movement from Chennai. In the written world history of 5200 years innumerable wars have been fought, unrest, chaos world over which have ended to give rise to the modern culture and generations of politicians , political dynasties and so on. Where we stand now is a million dollar question. We the people world over are remaining mute witnesses of the changing scenario of political successions , gone are the days of caste and creed based ,which followed by family dynasties’ which seems to still linger on be it Nehru family, Karunanidhi family, Moopanar, Farooq Abdullah, Choutala even Pawar has started his own daughter lineage. Where we are up to, for achieving what we are struggling, day to day living is becoming tough, gap between haves and have not’s widening, corruption and malpractices of bribes at every walk of life, law makers are law breakers everywhere and so on. Again a ray of hope , that new will make some tint in the old .We welcome any new approach and looking for at least a step towards selfless leader to come out and do miracles .