Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No alternative to Lok Satta: Dr. JP

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today called upon the party rank and file to strengthen the organization with redoubled vigor since there is absolutely no alternative to the party to change the country’s politics. There are innumerable people all over the State and the country who are fed up with present day politics and are thirsting for change. The Lok Satta should serve as a platform for all of them, and not as the property of its members.

Addressing the party’s State Working Committee, Dr. JP said the challenges the party faced in its mission to transform the nature of politics are formidable. The cadre should realize that the Lok Satta is fighting for a historical transformation of India. This transformation needs collective effort, humility and long-term perspective. “We must set our course by the twinkle of distant stars, not by the heights of passing ships,” Dr. JP said.

Dr. JP underlined that the Lok Satta’s model is different from that of traditional parties. People in other parties may shine with money, ostentation and pomp and media coverage but in the Lok Satta the members need to have basic knowledge of public issues, and leadership qualities to awaken the people and mobilize support..

The Lok Satta President called for inspiring party cadres with its stream of thought, continuous training, and strengthening of the organization. Municipal elections whenever they are held will provide an opportunity for the party to spread its wings.

Local campaigns for direct elections in municipalities and empowerment of people at the ward level by transferring Rs.1000 per capita directly should be the corner-stone of party activity in urban areas. There should be an intense village-wise campaign to make people understand what is possible if politics is transformed through ‘Palle Velugu’ program.

He called on the party to mobilize people at the State-level on the two issues of implementing Phase III of the Krishna river water scheme for Hyderabad and safeguarding the entire Krishna basin region from catastrophic floods like those witnessed in October 2009.

Mr. D. V. V. S. Varma, State Working President, presided over the two-day meeting. It is discussing the current political situation in the State and the tasks before it.

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