Thursday, April 7, 2011

అన్నా హజారే ఆందోళనకు మద్ధతుగా 8,9న లోక్ సత్తా సత్యాగ్రహాలు, ప్రదర్శనలు


  1. 3 days tarvata aina JP garu nidra lecharu santoshakaramaina vishayam

  2. JP Nidralechi chala rojulayindi....inka nee lanti vallu nidra levaledu...60 years nundi nidra pothune vunnaru......LSP petti 3 years ayina inka janam support ivvakunda nidrapothune vunnaru.....

  3. dear anonymus, pls ask jp sir to talk n fight for the option " i dont like any above person" in ballet paper. i asked about this in lsp site, community, fb group and so many places. i dint get any answer about it.

  4. This is completely my personal opinion.

    Never ever expect Lok Satta Party to fight for the option of "I don't like any one". Vote for Lok Satta Party. Why should Lok Satta party ask for the option of not voting for anyone?

    Even if Lok Satta Party is not there, If all the candidates are bad, then by voting for the person who is least bad will change the entire system automatically.

    Most of the people sees the candidates from the major parties (which can form the government), and if their candidates are bad, then they say, everybody is bad, and they need option of "I don't like anyone". In almost all the elections, there are many good candidates contesting either from small parties or as Independents. If they get atleast 1000 votes in an assembly election, that would give lot of encouragement for them, and they would continue to contest in the elections to change the system.

    Right now, many uneducated people are very hesitant to vote for the candidate who may lose. If they cannot vote for the winner, they feel like as if they lost their prestige. The educated people, instead of asking for this option, and if they vote for the good candidate, and if he/she gets good no.of votes, then even the uneducated people also change. They would change by seeing the no.of votes that a small candidate gets, and that would effect all the big parties, and very soon, the small candidate wins in the election.