Sunday, April 24, 2011

Let Sai’s Services Inspire Us: Lok Satta

The Lok Satta Party today expressed its profound grief over the passing away of Satya Sai Baba. In a media Statement Lok Satta Party State Working President DVVS Varma said that Sai Baba has done immense service to the people by taking up activities like provision of education, health care and driking water supply without discrimination between regions. Satya Sai has demonstrated that service to human beings is service to God. Mr. Varma expressed the hope that the Satya Sai Trusts and his devotees will carry on his activities. “The real tribute to Baba lies in promoting values like love, peace and mutual respect”.


  1. Dear Lok Satta Team,

    Greetings from Bangalore!

    I fully agree with the idea as Sai Baba puts it “Service to fellow human begins is service to God". I too wish to work & implement this in my approach to god with the help of the idea as detailed below.

    Before proceeding further, I wish to state some obvious facts which are as listed bellow and applicable to many working professionals like me in India.

    1. I pay about 30% of my income to the government as tax. I have no say as to how it is spent for welfare of fellow human begins and nation building by the government.

    2. The tax money goes directly to Gov departments/officials who may have no special empathy or passion towards social development or worse money spent without any real impact due to corruption and inefficiency.

    I wish to propose an idea keeping in mind a larger picture of nation building in mind with our tax money which we have to part anyway!

    1. Let 60% of the Tax money be in the control of the tax payer to decide on its course of flow. Let 40% of the money be in the hands of the government.

    2. List out the transparent highly efficient NGO & Provide tax benefit of 100% of what is contributed to these NGO’s/Charitable Organizations.

    3. List out of all the projects handled by the government at center and state on their respective websites and upload information on the project progress including financial details on a quarterly basis. (I.e. the Right to information need not be invoked to get information fueled with taxpayers money it should be available free of cost without any hazel).

    By creating the above mentioned reality, though we have lost a great Spiritual leader (Sai Baba) we can still continue on his path he has pointed to us i.e. “ Love all serve all” ; “ Hands that serve are better than lips that pray” ; “Love everyone hurt no one”.

    Have a pleasant day ahead
    Anand Vasappanavara

  2. Vote for good party/candidate. You will get 100% control on your money. There is no use of voting for criminals and corrupted people, and criticizing them for wasting our money.