Friday, April 8, 2011

బలమైన 'లోక్ పాల్'ను సాధించుకుందాం, కానీ రాజకీయాల్ని, ఎన్నికల్ని ద్వేషించకండి: జేపీ

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  1. yes your always right

    We have to find solution / methods to implement good Governance to provide better service to the public.

    but we should not think bring to an end our democracy system , elections by tiredness / fed up with present tradition political parties , its leaders actions,

    it is very dangerous decision and thinking also.

    For bad politics solution is good politics but we should not say no politics.

    This is the time to act as unite to stop traditional political scenario and form the new political trend for us and forth coming generations also.