Monday, May 7, 2012

తెలంగాణాకు లోక్ సత్తా అనుకూలమని, తెలంగాణా సమగ్రాభివృద్ధి లోక్ సత్తాతోనే సాధ్యమని చాటండి: జేపీ


  1. I don't believe JP. first he should announce very clearly as " i am support separate Telanga and aginist Samikya Andhra" then only we will believe LOKSATTA.

    Telangana Vaadi

  2. Hello Telengana Vaadi,
    Things will not change with the the fact that "you believe something/somebody or not".....change happens when something/somebody takes side with TRUTH, with real love towards people and with unselfish actions....there qualities are with JP or Loksatta more than anything in contemporary political plane in understand JP or LSP you need to elevate yourself to higher level.... obviously...fools hardly understand his high-level-ness....
    The Real Good Happens to Telengana/AP/India only with JP or LSP Ideology, especially in Politics.
    --Nizamina Telenganawadi

  3. I totally agree with Nizamina Telanganawadi's view... The real good happens to Telangana/AP/India only with JP/LSP Ideology.

    JP's people-centric democratic politics are far ahead of the day and thats why there is lot confusion. Whether you build a Ramalaya or Masjid in Ayodhya, or whether Andhrapradesh is one or three states- will reamian as footnotes in History. But the way you dealt those problems will remain the content of History. JP dealt with the Telangana issue as a great statesman and a stalwart leader. The way he gave space to every genuine opinion/feeling with extraordinary sensitivity, creativity and endurance, showed the new political culture of Lok Satta Party in practise and these are great moments in making of the Nation.

  4. Varadaraj AcharyaMay 8, 2012 at 12:19 PM

    I am in total sympathy towards the people of Telengana region who feel that the decades of neglect of the region can be made good only if a separate state of Telangana is created. It is understandable if they view with animosity anyone who is not explicitly in favour of a separate Telangana. But, as expressed by Nizamina Telanganawadi and Anonymous, Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan's statesmanship represents a much more holistic and visionary approach towards the problem. He truly has the welfare of the PEOPLE at heart; the political structure -- which is only a means to serve the people -- is secondary. Please note that he is not opposed to the formation of a separate Telangana state. All he is saying is that it should emerge only as part of a COMPREHENSIVE and AMICABLE solution to the problems of the people of Telangana region.

  5. Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan's statesmanship represents a much more holistic and visionary approach towards the problem. He truly has the welfare of the PEOPLE at heart

  6. Lok Satta from the beginning has a clear and visionary view on Telangana issue. Formation of a separate state is neither a catastrophe nor a panacea (which means Telangana can be formed if the end and means are proper) …is the stand of Lok Satta. JP again and again is saying that and yesterday he reiterated that, ofcourse more explicitly keeping in view the aspirations of Telangana people. I don’t know why some people are talking that JP has violated his own ideology, party stand etc.

    Lok Satta never saw formation of a state as a rigid ideological issue like the Communist Parties. What JP is trying is to respect the aspirations of Telangana people and to compromise as far as possible without losing the basics. That is truly democratic approach and practicing healthy politics. Let us welcome and support this democratic approach and healthy politics of Lok Satta Party for our better lives and better future.

    1. Varadaraj AcharyaMay 8, 2012 at 6:52 PM

      I fully agree with your views.

  7. I agree with anonymous above. LSP & JP is with clear in what they are saying.