Saturday, May 12, 2012

పత్రికా స్వేచ్ఛకు భంగం కాదు: జేపీ

Courtesy: Eenadu


  1. at least now think about politics its may spoiled children life also.

  2. The simple answer to look at a persons accumulated (Illegal wealth)
    wealth is to look at the tax returns of all the years, look at the properties they got in all the years by looking at the house structures, photoes(photoes also tells the status of the person), their previous bank accounts. How can a person who was living in an apartment in 1990's can accumulate so much wealth in 15 years to put up own party, to have a newspaper, to have so many companies, to have some many power plants and can conduct so many yatras with lots of sumos (each vehicle rent for a day is atleast 2000 rupees everyone know about this who rent a car for a day), who can conduct so many samaveshalu with lots of people ( most of their are paid persons its a known truth).