Thursday, December 20, 2012

It is a vote for stability and competent delivery, says Lok Satta

It is a vote for competent governance, effective service delivery and stability in government, said Lok Satta Party National President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, commenting on the victory of the BJP in Gujarat and the Congress in Himachal Pradesh.

In a media statement issued here today, Dr. JP said the elections once again highlighted the brighter aspects of the working of democracy in India like free and fair franchise and peaceful transfer of power.

Dr. JP said the BJP’s return to office for the fifth time since 1995 and third time under Mr. Narendra Modi’s leadership is a noteworthy development. Mr. Narendra Modi has created for himself and the party a positive vote, reversing anti-incumbency trends. His secret of success lies in providing competent governance, ensuring effective service delivery and developing infrastructure. To cite just one instance, the Gujarat Government has succeeded in ensuring 24-hour power supply to villages and supplying power to agriculture at Rs.800 per hp or 50 paise a unit. People have demonstrated that they want good infrastructure, economic growth and incomes, not short term benefits alone.

Dr. JP underlined that the Gujarat election outcome should not be construed as a vote for either communal polarization or politics of populism. That people repose faith in politics of rapid economic growth and development is highlighted by the rise of Mr. Nitish Kumar in Bihar also. Himachal Pradesh is a state where both Congress and BJP have done a commendable job over the years in ensuring good infrastructure, education and healthcare in a difficult terrain. All three states symbolize the aspiration of people, especially youth and women, for a prosperous India with better opportunities for the next generation. People clearly are hungry for stability and competence.

Dr. JP pointed that India is going through troubled times because of economic uncertainty, political volatility, mindless populism, poor infrastructure and low quality education and skills. It is time the people transcended their differences rooted in caste, religion, region and language and worked shoulder to shoulder to ensure inclusive economic growth and opportunities to every young person for a better life.

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