Friday, March 15, 2013

ఈ 'అవిశ్వాసం' దేశాన్ని ఉద్ధరించేందుకా?

Courtesy: Andhra Jyothy


  1. Why did you want sonia to be there? Is there no one in congress other than gandhi family who can run it? Your words also encourage dynastic politics? Am I correct ? And also I am one of the follower of Dr. JP since 2008.

  2. If you listen to Dr.JP's speeches, he wants the national parties to be strong. He wants both BJP and congress to be strong, because, if the national parties are not strong, then regional parties work for their own region and not for the nation.

    Probably, in Congress, he might have though, Sonia Gandhi is the best person to run the party. Probably, if any other leader runs their party, then there would be people opposing that leader. But, nobody opposes Sonia Gandhi.