Tuesday, March 5, 2013

People For Lok Satta elects its new Executive board

People for Lok Satta (PFL), the political nonprofit organization of overseas supporters of the Lok Satta Party, elected its second Executive Board at the international level and is in the process of conducting several chapter-level boards.

Election Commissioners Ms. Sarvani Piratla (NJ-USA), Mr. Chaitanya Kalapala (Houston-USA) and Mr. Kiran Telukunta(Germany), conducted the internal elections. The elections were conducted under the preferential system of voting in line with Lok Satta Party’s philosophy, instead of the traditional first-past-the-post majority system.

Ms. Rajani Karuturi from New Jersey, who was organizer of several ground level activities and election campaigns in last year, is elected as President.

Mr. Raghuveer Mukkamalla, who has been handling finances for Washington Chapter and who has also been part of central finance team, is elected as Vice President (Finance).

Mr. Krishna Burugapalli, who has been handling memberships for Washington chapter and who was instrumental in setting up membership infrastructure along with current Vice President Kiran Indukuri, is elected as Vice President (Membership).

Mr. Prakash Kapila from New Jersey, who is coordinating constituency promotion projects for Vizag and Rayadurgam, is elected as Vice President (Projects). He vouched to give laser focus to win four constituencies adopted by PFL.

Mr. Pradeep Chukkapalli, who coordinated constituency promotion project for Sanathnagar and activities of Boston chapter, was elected Vice President (Events).

Mr. Dinesh Pagadala from Nashville, who is handling PFL media activities, retained his position as Vice President (Media).

Mr. Prasanna Meda, outgoing President, said he is hopeful that the new executive comprising young and energetic leaders would take PFL to new heights. Mr. Jawahar Kambhampati, out going Vice President of Projects, said he is happy to see new leaders coming forward and taking lead in challenging times before 2014 elections.

PFL has organized events and campaigns like “Rejuvenate India”, “Kill Corruption”, “NRI absentee voting rights” and “Dandi March II” in the U. S. and several other countries over the last four years. PFL has been concentrating on ground campaigns in India in last two years and supported Lok satta party with activities and phone banks in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka elections. PFL had also provided capable leaders like Dilip Sankarreddy, Hyma Sagi and Padma Bhupatiraju, who were members of PFL but moved to India to directly work with Lok Satta.

Ms. Rajani Karuturi, the President, announced that she would give her full energies in ensuring that the trend of team spirit, teamwork, leadership building, open communication and coordination to be taken forward and strengthened further.

Mr. Kiran Telukunta, one of the election officials, said that PFL voters and candidates felt fairness because of the preferential voting system. The system had been followed in several other organisations like wikimedia and Debian all over the world. Kiran said that it would result in leaders to work harder to appeal to more people than the first-past-the-post majority system used by Indian Election commission could.

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