Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CBI and ACBs must be liberated from political control: Dr.JP

CBI's admission in the Supreme Court that it had shared its report on coal mine allocations with the Government of India is a grim reminder of the political control over investigative processes, commented Lok Satta Party national President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan in a media statement here today.

"Gong by the CBI's admission, it is reasonable to assume that the Government actually sought to influence the report and thereby the investigative process.

"Political interference in crime investigation undermines the independence and impartiality of the investigative agency and erodes public confidence in the system.

"If that is the plight of the CBI whose Director is appointed by the Vigilance Commission, which itself is appointed by a bipartisan high power body comprising among others the Prime Minister and the leader of the Opposition, we can imagine the state of ordinary crime investigation in States."

Dr. JP said that despite repeated Supreme Court directives and many expert body recommendations for independent crime investigation, it continues to be under political control. ACBs in States are under total political control ranging from appointment of director and investigating officers to grant of permission for investigation and prosecution.

Dr. JP appealed to all political parties to bury their differences and use the episode to liberate crime investigation from political control. The CBI at the national level and ACBs and CBCID at the State level should be enabled to function fairly, impartially and independently. The Second Administrative Reforms Commission had provided an effective and practical road map for reforms.

Dr. JP said that he is confident that the Supreme Court will enforce independence of the premier investigative agencies at the national and state levels.

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  1. Fully Support Loksatta on this issue. We need to free CBI from Govt clutches and also free the bureaucracy from tranfer/posting being with their political masters. Resolving these 2 evils will greatly impact the political clout of Govt and reduce corruption hugely