Sunday, February 16, 2014

Transport workers pour out their woes to Dr.JP

The Lok Satta Party is drawing up a comprehensive and practicable plan to ensure livelihood security to nearly one crore families engaged in the unorganized sector in the State, its national President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan announced here today.

Dr. JP interacted with workers engaged in the private transport tractor at different places in Hyderabad today as part of the party’s bid to evolve a people’s manifesto for the ensuing general elections.

Private bus drivers and cleaners told Dr. JP at Kukatpally that they do not have any place to rest during the day after they complete their night journey. They do not enjoy any ESI and PF benefits. They have to reckon with harassment by police and transport personnel. Their families are forced to starve if they fall ill or meet with an accident. They have not been able provide good education to their children because of meager incomes.

Truck drivers and owners at Moosapet truck parking centre told Dr. JP that no politician has bothered about them so far, although they play a significant role in keeping the economy moving. In their anxiety to adhere to restrictions on entry into cities, they resort to over-speeding and meet with accidents. The third party insurance premium is high and private financiers charge 36 percent interest on loans for purchase of trucks. They badly need pensions.

Auto rickshaw drivers at Secunderabad railway station told Dr. JP that they had to waste four to five hours to get CNG as there are only a few filling stations in the city. Police harassment and fines have become routine. The driver does not get any insurance benefit in case of an accident although the vehicle has third party insurance. They have to spend a fortune on providing private school education to their children.

Dr. JP steered an auto along with a driver for a while.

In his interactions, Dr. JP said that nearly two million people are engaged in the unorganized transport sector in the State. The Lok Satta Party is committed to turning a new leaf in the lives of people in the unorganized sector. They should vote for a party which takes care of their well being and not one which is concerned with leaders’ prosperity.

Kukatpally Lok Satta Party President Kommu Satteyya and Sanatnagar MLA contestant Hyma Praveen were among those who accompanied Dr. JP.

On Monday, February 17, Dr. JP will be interacting with employees of shops and establishments in Sanatnagar and employees of private schools and healthcare facilities in Musheerabad.

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