Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lok Satta initiative benefits Basara students

Thanks to a Lok Satta Party initiative, arrangements have been made for enrolment of all eligible students of IIIT at Basara in Nizamabad district as voters on the campus itself on March 9.

A Lok Satta Party team headed by its Telangana Coordination Committee Convener Bandaru Ramamohan Rao on a visit to the campus learnt that a considerable number of 6000 eligible students have not registered themselves as voters. Those who have already become voters are reluctant to go to their constituencies and exercise their franchise. With local, Assembly and Lok Sabha elections taking place one after the other beginning March 30 the students have to away from the campus for nearly 20 days if they have to take part in voting in their villages/towns.

Since exercising the voting right is a must if people want their problems to be addressed, the Lok Satta team requested Chief Electoral Officer Bhanwarlal to ensure that the students are registered as voters on the campus itself so that they can vote in the ensuing elections locally. With the Election Commission and the district administration positively responding, arrangements have been made for their enrolment on March 9. Lok Satta Party volunteers will extend their cooperation in the campaign.

Mr. Ramamohan Rao appealed to all the eligible to check if their names figure in the voters’ list and enrol themselves as voters if they have not already on March 9.

Mrs. K. Gita Murthy, Mr. M. Raja Reddy and Mr. Nanidpet Ravinder accompanied Mr. Ramamohan Rao.

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