Friday, March 14, 2014

Lok Satta Party Tamil Nadu Announces First Set of Candidates List

Lok Satta Party, Tamil Nadu announced the first set of candidates list for the forthcoming General elections, 2014.

The candidates are,

1. A. Jaiganesh (29) - Chennai South

2. R. Gopalsamy (38) - Tiruppur

3. D. Pradeepkumar (30) - Virudhunagar

The candidate selection process was made in a transparent manner, with a committee formed to scrutinize the candidates. Their names were made available to general public and objections were sought if any. However, there were no objections obtained on their candidature.

These candidates have a distinguished record of public service, serving in various anti-corruption NGOs and civil societies. They have a clean track record in the past and do not have any criminal cases against them.

The election expenditure of these candidates will be accounted properly, audited and will be made available in the public domain. The detailed profile of these candidates is available here.

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