Thursday, February 18, 2021

Virtual seminar on ‘Rule of Law’ from Feb. 20

Hyderabad: A virtual seminar on ‘Rule of Law’ organised by Foundation for Democratic Reforms, UoH and ISB spread over eight days focusing on constitutional governance and democratic society is set to kick off from February 20. The seminar will see dozens of legal luminaries, thinkers and policy makers share their insights into the law and policing issues in the country spread over 15 sessions, said former legislator N. Jaya Prakash Narayana.

“When Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, the culprit was hanged within a year. But when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated it took 12 years for the final judgment. In the Sunanda Pushkar case, it took two years for the DNA test,” said Dr. Narayana, who is the force behind the organisation of the seminar.

“In the Disha case they killed the culprits, but we are not sure innocents will not be killed? The Vikas Dubey case is similar. We don’t have sympathy for the criminal. But why these things are happening and how to stop them is part of the seminar,” said Dr. Narayana.

“After protecting our borders, the prime duty of the government is protecting citizens of the country. If a government cannot provide the security to its citizens then that government is useless,” said Dr. Narayana, who hoped that the seminar will help policy makers improve the rule of law in the country.

 “We have jungle of laws where the law of jungle prevails. There is no dearth of laws in India. We have most number of laws. But when it comes to implementing the laws then we fail,” said P.S. Rammohan Rao speaking about the need to improve rule of law in the country.

Courtesy: The Hindu

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