Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lok Satta promises package for Rayalaseema

The Lok Satta will announce an exclusive package for the development of the backward Rayalaseema region and bring about reforms in police administration to eradicate criminal culture once and for all.

The Lok Satta Party’s Campaign Committee for Rayalaseema region announced today that if elected to power the party would curb corruption in the TTD and utilize the funds thus saved for promoting education and health care. It would also expedite all pending irrigation projects in the region.

Messrs. G. Malyadri, T. R. Jagannadha Reddy, Mallikarjun, H. Vasantamma, Nabi Rasul and Jaganmohana Raju are the committee members.

Talking to the media, the committee members noted that although the Chief Ministers for the last 15 years happened to be from Rayalaseema, the region continued to remain backward. The Governments had not tried to provide irrigation facilities to the drought-prone regions. On the contrary, it was dispossessing farmers of their lands in the name of industrialization. The Lok Satta would render justice to the region by ensuring equitable distribution of river waters and by promoting agriculture.

The Lok Satta would also expose dynastic politics and how the youth of the region were used as pawns in factional politics. The Lok Satta would facilitate access to quality education, health care, job-oriented skills and employment opportunities to all.

The Lok Satta wanted the Chief Minister to ensure free and fair polling in Pulivendula and get reelected from his home constituency since he claims to have done all that can be done for the State’s development.

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