Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Traditional parties ignoring grave Economic crisis: Dr. JP

That nearly ten lakh of people have applied for 850 odd Group IV posts advertised by the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission and that thousands of people had to go disappointed even without getting an entry into the GHMCs mega job mela in Hyderabad testify to the serious economic crisis the State is going through, said Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan here today.

Addressing a media meet, Dr. JP regretted that traditional party politicians have not bothered to understand either the nature or the magnitude of the crisis. Instead they are focusing all their energies and efforts on indulging in mutual abuse and vituperation.

Dr. JP pointed out that rapid economic growth in the country for almost a decade had created lakhs of jobs in the services sector. With the economy slowing down and exports slackening, lakhs of people in sectors ranging from information technology and IT enabled services to construction and manufacturing have been losing their jobs and livelihood. The global economic meltdown has led to developed countries shutting their doors on people from countries like India and Indians working in Gulf countries beating a retreat following loss of jobs in construction and allied sectors.

The Lok Satta President suggested that the Government take up immediately three massive programs to combat despair and growing unemployment among the youth.

The Government should take up a comprehensive program to provide free and quality education to all students and health care to every single family by associating the private sector and providing freedom to people to choose the facilitator. Such a program will create a large number of jobs in the two sectors and relieve families of their crippling financial burden. Had there been such a program, a woman would not have been forced to sell her just-born to meet expenses and bribes in the Kothagudem Government hospital, he added.

The Government should undertake a massive – not a token – program to provide and upgrade job oriented skills to about 20 lakh people in the State. The training, lasting 3-12 months, should be free and trainees provided a stipend of Rs.1500 per month. Placements in the private sector should form an integral part of the program.

The Government should immediately launch a program to build 1000 new towns with all urban amenities to serve as economic and marketing hubs. Such towns will help create about 5000 jobs each or a total of 50 lakh jobs in the State. A large number of villages are almost depopulated as all the able-bodied have migrated to big towns and cities in search of work and livelihood. Once the new towns are created, rural people will migrate to them in course of time.

Dr. JP said that the 2009 elections should be fought on issues like jobs, agricultural incomes and eradication of poverty. Any further delay in addressing the problems staring the nation in the face will prove catastrophic to the poor and the unemployed youth.

Dr. JP appealed to the youth to use the upcoming elections as an instrument to change the nature of politics since the elections involved their future. Elections are not about the fortunes of political parties or politicians but about the future of the country and the people. Therefore, they should not be swayed by considerations of caste or religion, money or liquor, or short-term sops.


  1. I like the ideas of govt-private sector partnership in providing quality education, health care and jobs. Regarding the idea of 1000 new towns, isn't it prudent to build and improve roads to the existing small towns and improve their civic amenities so that businesses and farmers can prosper?

    I believe the main problem with the party is popular perception of its victory prospects. I hope the campaigning is really effective. A sense of victory will energize the party members and will also draw large number of supporters.

    All the best,

  2. Good transport is already there in the 50 guarantees of Loksatta.