Thursday, July 9, 2009

Clarification on opinion poll and comments

Thank you for all your responses on the hypothetical question (in the form of on line poll) for any alliances for GHMC election. We assure all the members, supporters and concerned citizens, that your views have been forwarded to the party leadership and they have been studied carefully. Lok Satta Party will not take any decision that undermines our core principles. Please rest assured.

-Web Administrator

Some of you were rightly concerned about LSP adopting the methods of traditional parties. We wish to set the record straight:

  • LSP volunteers did not stage a dharna. They only staged a silent protest on the sidewalk without obstructing traffic. Most TV channels showed this and commented on the novel form of protest.
  • Certain unruly activists of TDP shouted slogans, hurled chappals, tried to cross the road, and acted in a deliberately provocative manner.
  • Lok Satta volunteers did not retaliate nor did they hurl back any footwear. Some of them held the chappals hurled at them in their hands. Certain sections of the media deliberately misrepresented facts, or were misled.
  • In any case, it is not desirable for Lok Satta to resort to such protests, even when they are silent, peaceful and lawful.

Therefore the party leadership firmly advised all colleagues to desist from any such protests, no matter what the provocation is.

-Lok Satta Party

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