Monday, July 27, 2009

Constitute local courts in urban Areas also: Lok Satta

The Lok Satta Party today demanded that local courts be constituted even in urban areas as part of the implementation of the Gram Nyayalaya Act.

Talking to the media, party spokesperson Mr.V. Laxman Balaji, Vice-President Mrs.S. Manorama said that there should be one local court for every 50,000 people in rural areas and 100,000 in urban areas.

Welcoming the Andhra Pradesh Government decision, though delayed, the party asked the Government to go ahead with the formation of the courts by consulting the High Court on the modalities.

The spokespersons recalled that the Lok Satta movement had suggested constitution of local courts 12 years ago to render quick justice at least cost and that too at the doorsteps of people in their own language.

Pointing out that more than 20 lakh cases are pending in courts in Andhra Pradesh, the Lok Satta leaders quoted the adage that ‘justice delayed is justice denied,’ and added, “More disturbing is the fact that people concerned over inordinate delays in courts are turning to hoodlums and goondas with political patronage to settle disputes outside courts.”

They recalled that the accused in the murder of a Telugu girl in Britain was handed over sentence within seven months of the incident whereas the trial in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi dragged on for years.

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