Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let’s us consult Advocate General on Amending Societies Act: Dr. JP (Telugu)


  1. Dear Mr JP,

    There is a fundamental flaw in your assessment.

    India is representative DEMOCRACY and not MERITOCRACY like Taiwan or SHARIA like Saudi Arabia.

    Hence Parliament is Supreme in India.
    All DEMOCRACTIC nations have the following setup.

    PLAN - Parliament
    DO - Administration executives as per PLAN.
    CHECK - Judiciary corrects Administration (and not Parliament) as per PLAN.

    If Judiciary corrects the Parliament, it is called SHARIA.

  2. it is necessary to protect constitution against bills.

  3. @unsolitcted above who mentions flaw in Dr. JP's argument - Here is my question to you?

    Can you explain what constitution means to you?
    Do you think any party in majority can come and say that now that we are in majority in parliament we can enact a law which stops freedom of speech?

  4. @unsolicited,
    The bill is unconstitutional and if the assembly wants to pass the bill, they have to first amend the constitution. And to amend the constitution, you need consent from a much larger majority from the parliament and across the state assemblies of the country. (see

    That's exactly what JP said in the assembly. He's not saying assembly does not have the right to make bills. And, he's definitely not saying Judiciary/bureaucrats only can make bills. The Judiciary comes into the picture because their duty is to upheld the constitution. So, unless the constitutional amendment is made, Judiciary has the right to strike down this bill if it is deemed unconstitutional.

  5. hi unsolicited, Constititution and fundamental rights are more important than parliament. Othwer wise majority people can overwrite liberties of other section of the society. Compare with news about 1st amendment an us, and not with meritocracies.