Monday, August 24, 2009

Vote for new politics, Lok Satta Tells Tekkali voters (Telugu)


  1. Admin,
    Most of the times, these telugu images are not loading. May be the issue with bandwidth. Why dont you use direct UTF Telugu text instead of images?

  2. We have tested this website in many browsers, and at many different places. We are also keeping the size of the image very small. The images rarely exceed 70 KB. If you have reasonable bandwidth, it would be opened properly.

    We have time constraints in using UTF Telugu instead of images. For images, we spend least amount of time to post. Where as for UTF Telugu, we have to spend significant amount of time.

  3. Satish,
    I regularly browse this site from my office. We have pretty good bandwidth. Only few posts are having problem. I am talking about data transfer bandwidth of blogspot. Because these images will open after few days or weeks. But will not open during initial days. Again, my observation is it is happenning for only few images. Itried it from my home PC. There also same issue with same images.