Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stalling of Lok Pal bill a conspiracy

Lok Satta Party president Jayprakash Narayan has accused both the Treasury and the Opposition benches of hatching a conspiracy to block the Lok Pal Bill in Parliament.

Narayan, who was here on Friday to participate in a function organised by Bhashyam School was addressing a press conference.

He said all the three parties to the drama, the government, the Opposition and the civil society leaders have failed the people in this regard.

Those leaders who extended their support to Anna Hazare’s movement for strong Lok Pal in States were seen colluding with those who opposed the Bill in Delhi. Unnecessary stress was laid on the CBI and its jurisdiction in the debate. It was a deliberate ploy to divert the attention of the House from the main issue.

He also found fault with the contention that injustice was done to States with mentioning of Lok Ayuktas in the Bill. It was clearly mentioned in the Bill, that Lok Ayuktas would come into force only after the respective State assemblies passed the Bill.

It was unfortunate that unnecessary ruckus was created on Lok Ayukta issue. ‘Everybody is after publicity. No party is genuinely interested in passing the Lok Pal Bill,” he observed.

Political gain, apprehensions that they would be exposed in the event of the Bill taking a shape and ego problems had come in the way of the Bill, he analysed.

He also blamed the civil society leaders for their adamant attitude towards the Bill. There should be give-and-take attitude.

The finest laws of the State had not been made in a single day, he said.

Narayan said that his party would take up agitation in favour of a strong Lok Ayukta in States on the lines of Lok Pal at the Centre.

Turning to State politics, he observed that the ruling party and the Opposition enacted the no-confidence motion drama for their own political benefits.

Courtesy: The Hans India

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