Sunday, August 19, 2012

అసోం ఘటనలు దేశ ఐక్యతనే సవాలు చేస్తున్నాయి: జేపీ


  1. JP has given fair enough deal to the Muslims on eed-ul fitar. First he is accepting that Infiltration of Muslims in Assam and other NE States. And accepting them as Citizen of India. Already the Bangladeshi Muslims have occupied huge areas. They have elected their own MLAs and MPs. For their block votes all political parties including LSP are singing their song. And JP is bringing forward a theory to legitimize the infiltration on the ground that it is a global phenomenon emerged from Economic Backwardness. If the infiltration is allowed in the name of backwardness they are ready to occupy entire India. And JP is blinking his eyes on the root cause of Assamese exodus. Who are behind this? Does JP has no Knowledge? Yet he is giving sermons to all Indians. It is sad that LSP is also becomes a victim of Vote Bank Politics.

  2. Did the govt traced out who send the bulk SMS's?