Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lok Satta Party team to meet Arvind Kejriwal on Jan. 11

Lok Satta Party leaders led by Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, its national President, will be meeting Aam Aadmi founder and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in New Delhi on January 11 and discuss how they can work together and spread alternative politics all over the country.

Addressing media on the occasion of a large number of Muslim youth joining the Lok Satta Party, Dr. JP said his party had worked for the success of AAP in Delhi. It sent its volunteers and mobilized funds in India and abroad for the AAP campaign. Thanks to the campaign launched by the Lok Satta movement for the last 17 years and the Lok Satta Party for the last 7 years, people who hitherto shunned politics and elections now deem exercising their franchise as a matter of pride. As a result, the unthinkable has happened in Delhi with the people of Delhi reposing faith in AAP and enabling it to form Government.

Promoting clean politics and ridding the country of corruption and dynastic rule is the need of the hour, said Dr. JP and added that all people should join hands in the mission. There are persons of great personal integrity like Manik Sarkar, Mamata Banerjee, Manohar Parikkar and N. Rangaswamy even in traditional parties. All such people should join hands now since Delhi has demonstrated that change can be ushered in a few months and not years or decades.

In reply to a question, Dr. JP said the Lok Satta Party as of now planned to contest all the 294 seats in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly.

Dr. JP said that a Government is expected to ensure quality education, livelihood opportunities, safety and security and rule of law. In this connection, he touched upon the arrest of Lok Satta activists including him on the night of January 4 when they planned a siege of Zabbar Travels demanding just compensation to 45 people who were burnt to death in a road accident two months ago. He said that the corrupt Government remained a mute spectator even as 50 people are dying daily in road accidents in the State.

Dr. JP warned Zabbar Travels, the operator and Diwakar Travels, the bus owner, that they would not allow them to run services unless they ensured adequate compensation to the next of kin of the deceased. If they do not respond in the next few days, the Lok Satta will not allow even other private operators to run services although it might inconvenience people during the festive season.

Lok Satta Party State President Katari Srinivasa Rao asked people to boycott Zabbar and Diwakar Travels’ services as the Lok Satta would carry out lightning action against them in the next few days. He exuded confidence that the Lok Satta would assume power in the State because of the winds of change blowing all over.

The Muslim youth who joined the Lok Satta were led by Zilani, Khaja and Mouzam.

Lok Satta Party leaders Ravi Maruth, Dosapati Ramu, Satteyya and Sambi Reddy took part in the media conference.


  1. Dear JP, I worked for LSP and I worked for AAP. I worked for LSP with the hope that you will bring change, tangible, visible fundamental change. We failed miserably in 2009 elections, lets face it. We failed to generate the confidence among voters that we can win. We failed to appeal to voters deeper needs and expectations from politics, lets face it.
    I worked with AAP for delhi elections, not because you deployed me, not because I once worked for LSP. I worked for AAP for hope, for change. Please dont try to take credit for something that is not yours. AK fasted for 15 days to wake millions of people up, and take charge of changing politics. Kejriwal risked his life. The entire janlokpal movement started with Kejriwal meeting Kiran Bedi, Prashant Bhushan etc over scams of UPA. Why didnt you protest against Scams?? sitting in TV studios and speaking equivocally doesn't help. AK took the corrupt head-on, that is the reason people responded. Kindly don't insult people who worked hard for Delhi Elections saying it was YOU and your 17 years struggle that lead to victory in Delhi.

    I still have a lot of respect for you. I never doubt your intentions. you continue to be a hero in my eyes, but lets face it. we at loksatta failed to do what we at AAP did. Kindly dont take credit for something that doesnt belong to you

    1. Dr. JP too worked on several reforms. But he did in a peaceful manner. His approach of doing things was in a democratic/ political way.
      He succeeded in many reforms. Pl. refer Wikipedia. But he failed as he was unable to draw media/public attention.
      JP just supported AAP in their victory as a consultant. JP never went to AK's rally, to steal their limelight and media attention. JP also
      withdew all his 8 lsp candidates in delhi.

      Now the problem is that AAP is showing more interest in AP than any other indian states. Is AAP not a political aspirant for wrong reasons.
      When AAP knew of existance of loksatta in AP, it could have simply supported lsp. But look at aap's greed to come into way of lsp.

    2. AK is good at some things and so as JP. AK can not somethings and so as JP...we need both AK and JP for this country. for god sake don't become exclusive in nature. fan of AK doesn't mean you have to hate JP.
      Delhi is different from AP. time, place and environment .. all are different. don't compare Delhi phenomenon with AP.
      achievement is not getting power but to bring change. that too long term permanent change.
      JP is basically thinker becoming activist and AK is basically activist and should become thinker. they are complementary and not competitors. who so ever want to change india should have this basic awareness. and if we ignore this fact we are digging our own pit.

  2. I agree with kiran point of view.