Monday, June 14, 2010

Future belongs to Lok Satta, Dr. JP tells party workers

The Lok Satta Party today enjoys people’s admiration and appreciation because it does not stray from its core ideology and philosophy even in times of crisis but translating it into vote remains an uphill task, said its President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today.

“The future belongs to us but we can realize it with sustained struggle and not wishful thinking,” Dr. JP told party leaders in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.

Dr. JP recalled how the Lok Satta’s 14-year-old campaign for empowering local governments is about to become a reality with the Government of India and political parties arriving at a broad consensus on making Constitutional amendments.

Dr. JP pointed out that it is easy to transplant technology but difficult to replicate institutional reforms. It took 26 years even in a country like the U. S. to institutionalize TV debates among Presidential aspirants.

The Lok Satta President underlined that India has the demographic advantage and technological resources to leap forward economically in the next one decade. The Lok Satta has to provide the platform and compass for ushering in the certain change.

Dr. JP called upon party workers to undertake a mass contact program to educate and enlighten people on the desirable and feasible changes in the polity. Now that Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections are out of the way, they should identify people’s problems and strive to resolve them.

Party Election Authority Chairman V. Ramachandraiah, Great Hyderabad unit Incharge A. B. Prathap Reddy, M. Ramalinga Reddy and A. B. Srinivasa Reddy were among those who took part in the event.


  1. Wonderful. I look forward to hearing more about Loksatta. Is there a way to know your events ahead of time so I can attend them?

  2. If there are any public events, they would be posted on in the events section.