Sunday, June 27, 2010

Implement third phase of Krishna water scheme To solve city’s drinking water problem: Dr. JP

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today asked the Chief Minister to take up the third phase of the Krishna drinking water scheme to quench the thirst of citizens in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation area. “Please do not stand on false prestige and persist with costly and time-consuming plans like bringing water from River Godavari to Hyderabad.”

In a media statement, Dr. JP recalled that Hyderabad City has already been drawing 11 TMC ft of water from the Nagarjunasagar reservoir across the Krishna and supplying 180 million gallons a day (mgd) to its citizens. The scheme, implemented in two phases, has brought great relief to the city. Implementation of the planned third phase at a cost of Rs.600 crore will facilitate the drawing of another 5.5 TMC ft. from Nagarjunasagar and supplying an additional 90 mgd to the city.

The drying up of Osman Sagar, one of the main drinking water sources of Hyderabad, this year has deprived the citizens of 15 mgd of drinking water for the last few weeks. Had the Government not abandoned the third phase of the Krishna scheme, the citizens would have been spared avoidable agony.

Dr. JP said the Government could complete the Krishna drinking water scheme in less than two years and resolve the recurring drinking water problem in Greater Hyderabad at least for the next five years. Hyderabad would not go through the pangs of a drinking water crisis even during a worst drought year because there is always 180 TMC ft of water as dead level storage at Nagarjunasagar.

In contrast, Dr. JP pointed out there is no reservoir across the Godavari from where the Government could tap water for supply to Hyderabad. The Godavari scheme involves lifting of water over great heights and its transmission over long distances. Costing Rs.3500 crore, it takes many years for completion. The Government has already spent a few hundred crores of rupees on the Godavari scheme in the last couple of years without a single drop of water percolating to the city.

Dr. JP hoped that Chief Minister K. Rosaiah, known for prudent fiscal management, would not throw good money after bad money. “Do not be misled by people who are pushing costly projects for personal gain and not out of consideration for the thirsty Hyderabad citizens,” Dr. JP told Mr. Rosaiah.

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