Monday, June 7, 2010

Government silencing liquor policy Critics: Lok Satta (Telugu)


  1. On behalf of PFL ST.LOUIS and on my own behalf STRONGLY CONDEMN the arrest of Loksatta members in AP.

    Vijay Kothapalli
    PFL St.Louis US

  2. Thankyou Leaders and Volunteers of Loksatta for bringing these 'leagalized Liquor Scams' to public notice..

  3. If a person bid 2 crores to 3 crores for a shop even in rural areas that means every one should understand how much they are going to earn intern back by selling these liquor bottles. I had seen even some pan shops selling liquor, they are opening their shops until 11-12 in the night and selling in disguise, i came to see a pan shop incident when i was waiting for a night bus to go to our home town at 11 0 clock near a bus stop in a small town. Our family even had the bad and frightening experience of nuisance by drunken man at the time.

    so we have to understand how severe the problem is going to be in coming years, more accidents on highways by drunken driving, more atrocities on women in the city areas and etcccccccc...

    See the irony the govt is giving small loans for 25 paise to women and getting the return by arranging more belt shops in rural areas.