Saturday, June 29, 2013

30న విజయవాడ ఐఎంఏ ప్లాటినం జూబ్లీ ఉత్సవాలలో ముఖ్య అతిథిగా పాల్గొంటున్న జేపీ


  1. In the present times, when we made honesty the maximum qualification in politics, it is relevant to share following lines from the Andavilli’s column ‘Gifted Legislators’ in THE HANS INDIA English daily (June 29, 2013) on Andhra Pradesh Assembly budget session, 2013-14…

    “Though not much of business was transacted, the recent Assembly session ended on a very pleasant note. All legislators were presented with very valuable gifts worth around Rs 50,000. There is nothing very unusual about
    it as such a thing has been happening elsewhere also though in a different way. Their families must have been very pleased. There are several precedents for the Chief Minister’s generosity. What is surprising about this gesture is that none has declined to take it terming it as unethical and amounting to nothing short of one type of ‘quid pro quo’.

    Maybe a few like Dr Jayaprakash (Lok Satta Party) refused but it is not reported and I seek their indulgence for my indiscretion in treating them all alike. Some time ago, in one of the Northern States, MLAs were presented with VIP briefcases and such other costly gifts on the eve of the presentation of the State budget. After that, it was all smooth sailing for the ruling party and very little time was wasted on discussion. Five-course lunches from posh restaurants were served to all the 425 MLAs on all the 20 days of the budget session. This was found to be a novel but effective way of ensuring their presence in the House. Almost all the budgets of the ministries were passed without any major fiasco and MLAs who were usually offensive in the House cheered the Ministers for presenting ‘bold and innovative budgets’!

    In our State at that time, it was much more delectable. While the discussion was on the deteriorating quality of Tirupathi laddus, the members were treated to that very same sweet delicacy. Immensely pleased with the thoughtfulness of the endowments ministry, one member enquired in all earnestness, “when are we taking up the proposals of the excise ministry for discussion?”
    The message went home, all right, but the minister concerned, who was himself not averse to the very intoxicating suggestion, could not act upon it for fear of incurring the wrath of his teetotaler chief minister who was none other than NTR. It all depends upon how you look at it. To some it might appear as bribe and to some others it might be just a ‘gift’ and nothing else.

    While on the subject of gifts, one is reminded of an incident in the Constituent Assembly a few months before Independence when leaders of impeccable honesty and unimpeachable character were still at the helm of affairs. One day, by the time Rajaji, who was in-charge as minister, came to the Assembly there were placed at every seat a box of pencils presented with best compliments of a company of Madras, Hoe & Co. On seeing them, CR was furious and ordered them to be removed at once, saying it was as immoral on the part of the members to accept such gifts, however small and innocuous, as it was unethical on the part of those who offer them”.

    The following lines are also to be mentioned here in this context…

    Dr. JP did not draw any pension. Although he was fully aware that he would be eligible to draw pension if he completed 20 years in service (IAS), he chose to forgo pension, quit service and founded the Lok Satta movement. In fact, Dr. JP had spurned a Government a site for house construction as a matter of principle.

  2. sir,
    Ethics are very important to the doctors also. In modern days high technology is using by doctors also. Therefore new ethics rules are much needy.