Thursday, July 11, 2013

సుప్రీం తీర్పు చిన్న అడుగే

Courtesy: Eenadu

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  1. In a blow to political parties, the Allahabad High Court on July 11, 2013 stayed caste-based rallies in Uttar Pradesh with immediate effect.

    The bench, while banning the caste-based rallies, also issued notices to the central and state governments, the Election Commission, and four major political parties, including the BJP, Congress, BSP and SP.

    The litigant Mr. Motilal Yadav submitted that there was a spurt of caste-based political rallies in the state. While such events were causing damage to social unity and harmony, they were also vitiating the society, Yadav argued”.

    This verdict of Allahabad HC is also in line with Lok Satta Party’s alternative politics, which reconciles even conflicting interests and guarantees equal opportunity for every child to grow without any discrimination based on caste, creed, religion, language, region or economic status. Media should support these key efforts for CHANGE even at the time of elections and make people bold enough to vote for the right candidate and the right party unequivocally.