Friday, July 12, 2013

లోక్ సత్తా పార్టీ బలోపేతానికి కృషి

Courtesy: Eenadu

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  1. “Why The Ordinance On Polavaram Is Unconstitutional” If the chief minister intention to complete polavaram project within four years to supply motor to the farmers he must firstly know why and from whom they obsticals to the project are coming firstly he must known that union Environment ministry has stopped work on the project for the reason that the public hearing for the supplimentary embankment project of polavaram has not win placed before the public to get the conscent of the people, Chattishgarh and Orissa state Governments as per law. The planning commision withheld permission for financial sanction to this project and informed the prime ministrer that they have to wait until the supreme court gives a judgement on the cases filed by upper states against this project. So the project cannot go without these permissions. Inorder to get this permissions, the project design must be changed from a killer dam to a benificial and safe and economical triple barrages scheme as advocated by sri T.Hanumantharao farmer Engineering chief to the state Government. Since this is a novel scheme the new generation of Engineers at the state and Central levels are not able to understand the scheme so Chandra Babu naidu must discard his Engineers and invite foreign experts and other state experts whoi have constructed barrages in states like west Bengal, Rajasthan etc.See the following websites for more details.
    Loksatta has to come up by hard work by involving in public problem resolution in cases of de4velopment project like polavaram which is a matter of life and death to the Farmers views of loksatta who eagerly await for the scientific solutions .J.p.must study polavaram from public angle and take a strong stand on how to promote or reject this dam dubbed as unconstitutional by union ministry of Law as per the website cited.