Friday, December 18, 2009

Dr. JP on Delhi mission To defuse AP crisis (Telugu)


  1. sir, do something quickly. This violence is destroying life in villages. It is hell to be a pregnant women in village. APSRTC is paralysed during this protests and this makes those poor women suffer

  2. Sir

    Even though I agree with your request for peace, I differ with your request to maintain peace through the electronic media.

    I do not think, now it is the responsibility of the people; the de-facto PM and other leaders at Delhi has to take the responsibility. They have taken the wrong step and they should take the credit for that.

    By dividing the state at mid-night, they tried to become god-fathers. It is certain that they are wating for the people to calm down gradually. They should have done that before declaring the division of the state.

  3. Even though JP's effort to mediate in order to calm down the current sitaution is appeciated , but it is highly impossible that people of Seema-Andhra will get convinced for any thing less than a clear statement satisying the aspirations of Seema-Andhra . It is very clear Home Minister's decison was hasty and now trying to push on to political parties in AP . If that is the case what Congress will answer for the resignation of 80 of their MLA's ? Do the agree it is failure of Sonia ? Trying to push every thing on opponent parties in AP is not at all correct . Even though political parties in AP made it clear that they are in favor of separate telangana , it is the duty of cental government to know the facts at ground level with all their availble resources. It also appears JP is tying to cash the curent situation by saying " IT IS TIME FOR NEW POLITICAL EMERGENCE in AP "