Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dr.JP Meets P.M. In Delhi On Telangana Issue


  1. Video link of this message:

  2. I always wanted to Chiranjeevi to join hands with an intellectual like you.Has he joined with you, a goal would have been set to his followers making them move in the correct direction winning fair amount of seats.People like you,form the rays of hope for future India.
    This issue can be only solved when a debate is started and a consensus.

  3. Ram

    Dear JP Please clarify as it was mentioned by the parties initially that they are in support of Telangana state. Every one has made a 'U' turn. Is there any article in the constitution which can Punish these people. Because these MLA/MLC/MP's are never addressed this issue seriously and made the statements. Is there any chance for filing a case against them in Suprime Court. Thanks

  4. To form T state-It would take one year.
    In parallel A)First,Accept the injustice to T with folded hands and bowed heads.B)Assure that hurt feelings on non-implementation of post unification agreements would be taken up in the coming days-weeks,C)Appoint watch dog to implement them in series//(1)Appoint Dy.CM from T (within a-week) (2)Release Funds to T-Universities equal to NON-T universities(2-weeks)(3)610 implement in 4 weeks.. (4)... 5).. 6).. 7)..
    99)...499)...1000) ...1000+)well known unfulfilled promises and gross injustices need to be corrected immediately. Atleast if 100s of steps are taken up, then look for the change in the burnt heart and soul of T.

  5. when watching the speech in assembly by Dr.JP,on MLA resignation issue it clearly states that the honorable members of legislative assembly need some tutoring on how to behave in the assembly (see they are not allowing JP to finish his talk even that speaker is interrupting in between he did it numerous times) so how can a concerned member who want to give advice can express their talks. I think the speaker is thinking that he is in UN meeting thats why he is talking in english instead of telugu. School children shows best behavior than these politicians in listening to others comments.

  6. No one need to fold hands and beg for forgiveness. If a region is undeveloped, in democracy, people are eually responsible as their elected leaders.

    Take the whole responsibilty on your own shoulders and know that you are the creator of your own destiny, All the strength and succor you want is within yourselves. Therefor, make your own future - swami vivekananda.