Monday, December 7, 2009

Interview With Dr.JP By Andhra Jyothy

Courtesy: Andhra Jyothy


  1. I don't know how can people pose questions like "Are you using the name of Jayaprakash Narayan?" "Did you find Loksatta in tandem with Ramoji?" - I think only these recognized (pseudo)intellectuals ask questions like these.
    He should be ashamed of asking such questions. Another master of stupidity on television.

  2. pseudo intellectuals is a moderate word, the right word is intellectual idiots. They are intellectuals because they are working for media, they are idiots because their criteria for intellectual is just that(working for media).

  3. ya this interview was quite funny ...
    This fellow was literally asking stupid questions to Dr. JP.

  4. Is this an interview or Interrogation ??

    I am surprised to see that TV Channels induce skepticism into minds of people by asking controversy questions !

    I can imagine how Discomfort it would have been for JP to answer!

    I would suggest JP to lead such interviews , take control and let them realise the questions what they should be asking from the "Bundle of Energy " Who is sitting infront of them!