Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lok Satta pities Chiranjeevi’s ignorance (Telugu)


  1. Yes, we loksatta says,citizen must be center of politics, governance. Why these illiterate and senseless leaders of traditional parties alleges on "jouney of JP to Delhi" is making issue.Why these media is highlighting that stupid leaders comments instead of fighting to form speedy judicial system,Independent Anti corruption commission, Strengthen article 73,74 in constitution(Which Loksatta fights for).

  2. i do appreciate district ruling governance that was raised by dr jp. with this we can save people money from political leaders(Idiots) and fast growth of towns and villages is possible.
    Gautham Kumar

  3. Poor LSP. They have no Media Coverage. Either none support them or the party isn't that active. Looks like JP is illiterate and lacks knowledge about Politics!!