Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dr.JP's Activities in Kukatpally (English)

Inside Andhra Pradesh Assembly:

1. Proposed the bill to amend anti corruption bill to include elected members under civil servants.
2. Advanced all party resolution to elect deputy speaker from opposition.
3. Opposed amendment to Andhra Pradesh societies act claiming it is against right to form the unions in the constitution. Won case in High court, and it is ongoing in Supreme Court.
4. Opposed the bill to allocating special quota for Christians in Dalit reservations and proposed to allocate under BC quota.
5. Opposed populist schemes in 2009 Budget.

Bills in Early Planning:

1. Alternative proposal to women reservations bill to give better and fair representation to women.
2. Voting rights to non resident Indians.

Accomplished in Kukatpally:

1. The construction of the under rail bridge in Safdarnagar, which has been neglected for several months has been completed.
2. Organized free medical clinics in the constituency to diagnose eye and thyroid problems among people to provide better medical facilities. Organized a free medical camp in Balanagar colony with the help of expert doctors and distributed free medicines.
3. Installed 20 bore wells in the water deprived areas of the Constituency.
4. 95% of the pipeline construction from Vasantnagar to Bhagat Singh nagar, to regulate drainage problems in the rainy season, has been completed.
5. Booster pumps in Satyanarayana Swamy colony, Parvatnagar, Motinagar divisions to complement the irregular drinking water-supply that has been there for several years.
6. Street lighting between Vasanth Nagar/Satyanarayana Colony and highway.
7. Tour the Constituency every Saturday to get a first hand look at people’s problems in constituency. Meets the people face-to-face at IMAX Gardens, Road No. 4 to listen to people problems. So far, met people more than 40 times.
8. Took 99 samples of drinking water and showed to the water-board authorities, that the chlorine levels are not appropriate and directed them to take actions.

Projects under progress related to kukatpally:

1. Underground drainage system: Works worth Rs. 4.4 crore have been started in 11 colonies/bastis. This helps nearly 2 lakh people, and prevents the mixing of sewage and water supply. Will be completed by Dec 31, 2009.
2. 300 mm pipeline construction in Moosapet division for Manjeera water supply. Another 400 mm pipeline construction to make use of the neglected overhead tank.
3. New roads in phase 9 of Kukatpally Housing Board.
4. Resume the swimming pool and indoor stadium works on Kukatpally phase 6.
5. Road expansion works in Kukatpally phase 1.
6. Establishment of Citizen Help Centers to help Citizens in Government and Municipality works.
7. Kukatpally circle receives only 9 mgd water (5% of the city) even though it has 56000 water connections (10% of the city). Arrangements have been proposed to supply atleast 16 mgd water.

Proposed projects and pending approval:

1. To construct four foot-over bridges for pedestrians at JNTU, Balanagar, Kukatpally, Moosapet areas.
2. To move HUDA truck park from Kukatpally to Miapur and construct an auditorium for cultural and entertainment programs and a commercial center in its place.
3. Sulabh complexes in densely populated places.
4. The messy drinking water-supply situation in Kukatpally has been reformed to a certain extent. Proposals have been sent for full-fledged reformation.
5. To construct 6 sewerage treatment plants near ponds/lakes and to fence the ponds/lakes to prevent illegal occupation.
6. Fence the existing tanks and wells to avoid land grabbing.
7. To build service roads from Moosapet Y-Junction to Miyapur to reduce traffic on NH 9.


  1. Correct the spelling of Andhra in the heading: 'Inside Andrha Pradesh assembly'

  2. Thanks for pointing the mistake. Corrected it.

  3. its nice !!!

    I wish the pending also to be complete!!

  4. Great to know that there is some transparency. NRI getting the voting rights would be awesome and my vote for Lok satta.

  5. JP accomplishing his plans, his work for KP can be the basis of his commitment towards the better society. If he proves in KP it will fetch more seats in 2014 assembly. I think people could understand him and elect as CM 2019 elections. He need to be more connected to the people of AP. I hope he will take up "Anti-Corruption Yaatra" to educate people on corruption.

    A Grt fan of JP
    Sambasiva Rao

  6. Great Work!

    Though this is the job of every politician(to live by the promises before elections), it looks so unique in these current circumstances. I wish more and more people are aware the developments.

    I thank you with high regards for all the people who are thriving hard to make progress of the society.