Friday, November 6, 2009

Lok Satta candidates Deserve your vote

The Lok Satta Party today made out a strong case for voters to opt for its candidates in the GHMC elections;

In the words of party spokesmen Bhisetty Babji, V. Laxman Balaji and N. Ravinder, Lok Satta candidates:

* Do not have criminal history
* Are not involved in land grabbing or other scams
* Won’t lure voters with money and liquor
* Are not political descendants or investors in politics
* Are educated and belong mostly to middle and lower classes
* Have come up in life on their own
* Have been chosen on the basis of their competence and leadership
* Are committed to empowering people with ward governments

The party spokesmen pointed out that in the upcoming by and large triangular contest, the Lok Satta alone is committed to realizing people’s dreams. A vote to the traditional parties will go waste as they are committed to continuing dynastic politics and enriching themselves at the expense of people.

The voters should take note of the fact that the traditional parties are enveloped in a crisis going by allegations of sale of party tickets and revolt against leaders. They are so engrossed in traditional politics that they don’t have an agenda or manifesto, said the spokesmen.

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