Friday, November 6, 2009

Lok Satta candidates Deserve your vote (Telugu)


  1. Democracy for sale....
    Ban the EVMs to save domcracy.

    EVMs Tampering and/ misconfiguring is behind
    strange elction results in the state(large vote difference in parliament and assmebly seats but not so called division of votes or central schemes like NREGP..where urban people didinot benifitted by it vote like in Kukjat pally HYD ,like in vijayawada loksabha.)are behind fortelling and predicting the exact numbers of seats.come out of illusion and diluysions.
    EVM fraud is well planned but selectively implimented so thaT DOUBT WILL NOT ARISE TO OPPOSITION P[ARTIES.

  2. I really appreciate ur efforts in bringing us the upto date information about Loksatta certainly is helping us all motivated and works towards single goal..better life

  3. Lok Satta should target unpurchasable votes

    My suggestion is to Lok Satta chief Jayaprakash Narayan on the GHMC polls.

    Main parties like the Congress and the TDP influence voters with money and liquor to win elections, and by and large they succeed with these strategies in Lok Sabha and Assembly polls because the majority of electorates are poor and illiterates.

    When it comes to GHMC elections, the wards are urban areas, with educated, semi-literates, and small percentage of poor and illiterate voters. As usual the Congress and the TDP
    will target the poor and the illiterate voters with their money power. The influenced voters are never bothered about what the Cong and the TDP say and do.

    Out of the total electorates in every municipal ward, about 2o to 25% never go to vote on the polling day, irrespective of any elections - Lok Sabha or Assembly. This 20 to 25 % electorates are mostly educated, and belong to high/higher middle class and middle income groups. The Congress and the TDP never approach these electorates with money because these voters cannot be purchased.

    Lok Satta should motivate these 20 to 25% voters, in addition to the voters who go to vote on the polling day. Mr Jayaprakash should convince these voters with the party's policies
    and programs ward-wise through distribution of pamplets in English and Telugu languages,make appeal through ads, press meets,etc.

    These 20 to 25% voters no doubt are aware of the existence of Lok Satta, but they do not come out to vote because they take polls lightly. These voters can play a decisive role and can easily turn the scales in favour of Lok Satta. They only have to be motivated, requested and pursuaded to come out on the voting day.

    Mr Jayaprakash should instruct all his contestants to distribute the pamplets personally and visit all the houses in the respective municipal wards and make request to all the voters to come out on the polling day to vote.

    All the contestants of Lok Satta should personally visit all the houses not once, but at least thrice in the respective wards.

    I am sure that if this stragety is adopted seriously, Lok Satta can eaily win at least 50 seats in the GHMC elections.

    R. Kumar, Hyderabad