Friday, November 27, 2009

Lok Satta Review Meeting On Party Performance in GHMC Elections


  1. As a long-time supporter of Loksatta, I'm slightly disappointed by the GHMC results. But, this defeat needs to be seen as a lesson that a lot can be learnt from. This is part of growing up for the party.

    In my humble opinion, what Loksatta needs is better marketing. Particularly, the slogans of Loksatta need to fine-tuned. I often felt that Loksatta slogans read better in English than in Telugu. And, the slogans need to be simplified to be single-point slogans. Don't pack too many ideas. A simple thing that should be done is to test the slogans before going all out on them.

    Also, the message of Loksatta that people should rule themselves can make people wonder -- I'm already busy with my life and is it going to mean extra work for me? This message needs to restated to remove the connotation of extra burden on people.

    I think these are problems that can be solved with resources (read money). I don't want to be an arm-chair critic -- I have contributed money and I'll also offer my advice on digital marketing (a field I work in) in a separate email.

    Good luck..

  2. Putting up TOO MANY candidates has diluted .Secondly there it has reached only CLASS -IT SAVVY not the MASSES-who vote. There is a need to groom Leaders at Gross root level.It is better to grow from a plant to tree ,but not like Bonsai tree.Dont be overconfident .The most unfortunate is it has not one one seat even in Dr JP's assembly constituency

  3. JP una segment lo okati gelvaledu ante chala karanalu unai. vatini visleshiste...........
    1. JP panicheyatam ledu.... TV interviews ke time saripotundi.
    2. JP ki tappa prajalu inko candidate ki vote veyaru

    3. JP tappa inko honest candidate loksatta lo leru.

    4. Loksatta cheppevi matalake tappa chetala degara chupinchadam ledu.

    5. Local party structure chala weak ga undi

  4. One thing to note is Loksatta got almost same percentage of polled votes as in previous elections. Had voting % been more we would have fared better. Other parties have vote banks and they made sure they voted. Loksatta depends on its supporters voting voluntarily which did not happen.

    Loksatta has to do following -
    1) Concentrate on Local party structure.
    2) Carry out Voter registration in serious manner. Educate ppl to file RTI's for voter ID information.
    3) Expose other parties organised defamation on Loksatta. JP visited 60 times Kukatpally, he is available every saturday afternoon. I once went and met him in person for an issue.
    Other MLA's did not even care for their local issues till now.So Loksatta need to keep ppl informed about wht it did and wht its doing.

    LokSatta will surely rise above other parties.

  5. One more thing that Lok Satta should do is 'personalise' the candidates. Stop asking for votes for the party, and start asking for votes for the particular candidate. The reason is that the Congress, TDP etc don't have a culture of allowing grassroots people to have their own independent recognition, so they always seek votes in the name of the party rather than the candidate. By personalising the candidate we can get an edge.

  6. To Sekhar Babu,

    It is foolish of yo uto say "JP panicheyatam ledu...TV interviews ke time saripotundi". I wonder whether you will say the same of other party MLAs as well. It also shows your foolish ignorance to the list of activities and initiatives currently being worked through in Kukatpally. It also implies that Rome was not built in a day and it will take time to purge the decadence brought in by previous MLAs. So, please show some common sense when you talk.

  7. J.P....Sir...don't get depression because of defeat in GHMC elections and WE are with you...Your party is very Honest and you can CHANGE the Political system Soon....SIR...IT IS WISE TO KEEP IN OUR MIND THAT NEITHER SUCCESS NOR FAILURE IS EVER FINAL....AND THE GREATEST GLORY IN OUR LIFE IS NOT TO NEVER FALL, BUT RISING IN EVERY TIME WE FALL...SHIVA,M.SC.PHYSICS

  8. i think only J.P is working.i went to the party office and felt it more worse than govt. office. involvement of executive members in party activities is not there.therefore steps should be taken to make all members work for the party's success.

  9. every failure is a stepping stone for success,so nothing to worry as long as we are ready take some learning out of it, more over Lok satta more than a political party its a people,s movement, so defintly results are bound to come, let us work in that direction under the guidence of Dr.JP- Sadathullah-Dubai